Martin Davis -President and Lead Technician

 As owner of Company he has over 20 years of field experience, He has two sons, one daughter-in-law, one granddaughter and a wonderful wife,  Jean Davis. Martin enjoys fishing, hunting, serving God and his family. He is RSES certified and carries all major brand certifications for HVAC equipment.

One of his habits that has led to a successful company when on a service repair is he always wants to know why a certain part failed so it does not fail again. ''There is always an effect, but we find the true cause of the problem so it does not happen again''. This habit has contributed to happy customers and less repair costs. He is a huge believer in maintenance and will usually advise it to every new customer he meets. During the summer season he will be available 24/7, but on off seasons he likes to spend time with family and and holds weekends dear. However, he is always available to answer questions and set up appointments anytime.